Mid-Week Movie #9: Geysers

I visited Yellowstone National Park as a child: The distances seemed longer, the visitors seemed fewer.

I didn’t know then what I learned in getting ready for this summer’s visit: There are only about 1,000 geysers in the world, and 60% of them are in the Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone.  (I note that some sites claim “only” half the world’s geysers for the entire park, but I trust the Park Service to have this right.)  

This week’s movie incorporates more split-screen and title effects, but I didn’t touch the speed of the video.  It’s real-time.



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Barbara – Thanks! The Artists Paintpots themselves have different colours – from the minerals, I guess – but these are these grey mudpots adjacent to (read, significantly uphill from) them. Your memory does not yet do you false, at least in this.

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