Japanese Beetles, Ottawa

While I was whacking down the most obnoxious weeds in the community garden adjacent to our lot, I saw some bugs congregating on a rose bush.  Closer examination revealed they were Japanese Beetles in the fourth stage of their life cycle:

  • Egg
  • Larvae
  • Pupae
  • Maker of more eggs


Close-up of Japanese Beetles, mating on a rose petal.
Makin’ whoopee. And more Japanese Beetles . . .


This picture reminds me of the TV-movie scenes of royal bedrooms, with courtiers hanging around while the King and Queen consummate the match.  I’m not sure what these two hangers-on are talking about, but they’re polite enough to provide some privacy for the happy couple.

Birds don’t care for these beetles.  I wonder if the squirrels could be persuaded to give them a try.  You know, instead of stripping my magnolia tree of its blossoms.



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