Suspension Bridge, Elk Falls BC

Just up the hill from Campbell River is Elk Falls and its eponymous suspension bridge, a local Rotary Club project.

Vehicular bridges look different from different angles and vantage points, and pedestrian bridges are no different. Some vantage points make it look, well, pedestrian. Others make it look a little, umm, steep and scary.


Side view of suspension bridge.

Not much to see from here.


View of suspension bridge through the trees, over the gorge.

The gorge a little more in evidence.


Straight-on view of suspension bridge, showing significant droop.

The steepness at the ends of the bridge very much in evidence.


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4 Responses to Suspension Bridge, Elk Falls BC

  1. Tom Watson says:

    The perspective in the third picture is incredible, Isabel.

    Reminds me of the time that Janice, three of our girls and I went to the Capilano Canyon. The girls and I went over to the other side via the bridge. Janice? Nope! She stayed put! I’d like to think she cheered us on, but I’m not sure that even happened.
    Her motto was: The heroes in my family are all dead! I don’t have to join them, and neither do you!


    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Tom – I know folks who are deathly afraid of heights, as in “beyond all reason afraid.” I’m not super fond of them myself, but not so concerned that I refuse to step out onto a bridge, suspension or otherwise. But it’s good to know your own limits.

  2. Marion says:

    It looks very secure. I lost any trepidation I might have had of suspension bridges in Nepal. Regardless of how shaky I might have thought they appeared to be, I figured if a yak (and sometimes several at a time) could make it across, then so could I.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Marion – Well, that’s a new perspective. Thanks! This one didn’t bother me a lot, but I wasn’t crazy about the metal mesh/grid surface which was, in the wet (and when wouldn’t it be wet, uphill from Campbell River?), slightly slippery on the downslope.

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