Who knew it would be so hard to make sense of the numbers in a counting song? Not I, or I never would have started, Seth be damned.

After all, we have almost innumerable instances of anything we have to celebrate: northern places, explorers, singers, and so on. Assigning a number just to maintain the form of the original song seems sort of forced.

On the second day of Christmas
Canada gave to me
Far northern sites
And a nation, bounded by seas.

Welcome sign at CFS Alert

Photo courtesy of Ivan J. Wawryk

Gravel roadbed of Dempster Highway snaking around hills an d disappearing into the mountain range on the horizon.

Photo courtesy of John L. Whitman


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  1. John Whitman says:

    Isabel – I never guessed that my favourite picture of the Dempster Highway would help you in your song writing quest.

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