Anhingas in Love, Delray Beach

Taken a few minutes before closing at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach.

Anhingas mating

Anhinga post-mating

Thanks to Jim Robertson & Gwen Williams for the Wakodahatchee recommendation.

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5 Responses to Anhingas in Love, Delray Beach

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Nice images Isabel. Come back in a few weeks after the eggs yet-to-be laid have hatched and it is neat to see the chicks sticking their long sharp beaks down the parent’s throat to obtain food.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim R – Stay tuned! I have one or two almost clear photos of the feeding. It triggers my gag reflex . . .

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    The only good thing that can be said about parent birds’ way of feeding their young is that it’s a lot more caring than the reptiles who simply abandon their offspring in the sand, on the shore, in the rushes, wherever. Bards are amazing creatures — their ability to operate in three dimensions, the sense of navigation, their ability to make tools, etc. — but their ways of feeding nestlings are not something I would recommend as an evolutionary example to follow.
    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim T – Well, it seems to work for them, and *that’s* a good thing. And, like reading Nietzsche, I’m glad it’s not me.

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