White Ibises, St. Augustine & Delray Beach

Before visiting Florida few years ago, I had never seen a white ibis. Since then I’ve seen them, singly and in flocks, in Florida and in South Carolina. Like every bird species, they have their own avianality.

Given how many I’ve seen on this trip, how could I stop at just one?

Side view of white ibis.

Pretty sure this is my best side.

Ibis looking at camera straight on.

Love the camera, baby.

Ibis standing on one leg, bent over.

I think I’ve found a new ballet pose . . .

White ibis with wings fluffed up.

Dagnab it, this is worse than folding a map.

Ibis landing in tree, wings flared.

I can fly!

White ibis with wings flared.

I can run!

White ibis looking sternly off-camera.

You talkin’ to me?


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2 Responses to White Ibises, St. Augustine & Delray Beach

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Our first birding trip trip to Florida had us waiting for the Alligator Park in St Augustine to open in the morning – we spotted 3-4 dirty white largish birds in a nearby green spot, took WAY too many shots.

    Not knowing what waited for us in the Park and further south, still take too many shots of them, but try to do it only for clean ones now (the immature ones are brown so I do photograph them – it’s a clean brown)

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim R – Yes, the first birds are the neatest, as it says in the song. I;m happy to take too many shots, but it does take time to winnow them out.

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