Reddish Egret, Titusville FL

Taking one more tour of the Black Point Wildlife Drive in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, this time solo, I don’t see many birds.  It’s windy, cold by local standards, and a tad overcast: hardly ideal birding conditions.

But then I round a corner on this 20 MPH road and see a solitary bird leaping about while hunting.  I get some shots and later confirm my suspicion: This is the reddish egret, behaving just as described

It is a very active forager,
often seen running, jumping, and spinning in its pursuit of fish.

And a new bird for me, hurray!

Reddish egret in an atypically still pose.

Reddish egret leaping, with wings flared.Reddish egret poised to strike.



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