Bridge, Savannah GA

I first saw the Talmadge Memorial Bridge in January 2017 as we overnighted in Savannah on our way from Myrtle Beach to Phoenix. It’s a cable-stayed bridge with two sets of cables: impressive. But I was too far down river to get a good shot.

View of one set of cables on Talmade Memorial Bridge.

Jan 2015

So when I had a chance for a re-attack on our way back to Myrtle Beach from our Florida trip this January, I grabbed it. As we tried to find a place for me to stand that didn’t include power lines, razor wire, port facilities, or ugly, abandoned light industrial facilities in the view, we met a friendly and helpful Port Authority official and explored some of the less-touristy corners of Savannah.

The result? Some shots I like better than the one from three years ago, and the conviction that cities miss a tourist opportunity when they have a signature bridge and don’t develop their waterfront to facilitate photographs of it. Or when they call for designs but don’t include a pedestrian option, as the Brooklyn Bridge did so wondrously.

View of bot sets of cables from roadbed level

View from roadbed level, through the windshield

Vie of bridge from street level, with razor wire in foreground.

View from River Street, near Port Authority facilities

Street-level view of bridge with concrete pier from original bridge.

View from River Street, with pier from original bridge.

Ground-level view of bridge from island in river

View from Hutchinson Island


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