Seven-Mile Bridge, Florida Keys

This was the bridge I wanted to see, but here’s the thing. Where do you stand to photograph a bridge that’s seven miles long?

I decided to stand at the end of the pedestrian pier that runs parallel to The Bridge for 1.5 miles. That let me get a bit of the old bridge, a few powerlines, and (in the hazy distance) the arch where The Bridge rises to allow the passage of large ships.

I suspect a better answer is not to stand at all, but, rather, to sit. In a helicopter.

7-mile bridge fading into the distance


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2 Responses to Seven-Mile Bridge, Florida Keys

  1. Wade says:

    More importantly, if it’s still there, stop into the diner at the west end of the bridge for the shrimp steamed in beer and fries? Oprah be damned, worth every bite.

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