Peeps and Turtles

Hey, Power Director peeps.
How y’all doin’ out there?
My name is Maliek
and I’m back on your screen
with more Power Director love
from Power Director University.

Those are the words but the visual-only version doesn’t do justice to the rhythm of the audiovisual original. The 30-something African-American host for this how-to YouTube video is talking with a stagey emphasis.

Peeps? Power Director love? Yikes. I’m guessing this isn’t aimed at my demographic, but I hang in. After all, these are the official training videos from the company that makes my video-editing software. I ignore my feeling that “official” doesn’t usually bring up a mental image of a funky-talking host/trainer wearing a black beret. Inside.

I pick away week by week, learning editing techniques on a just-in-time basis to meet emerging challenges. With enough exposure, I find that Maliek’s strong, stylized screen presence becomes background noise. I just wait it out, to get to the show-and-tell part for the technique I care about.

Let’s jump into the software, and make it happen.
Let’s get our edit on.
– Typical segues from standard introduction to tailored content

But one day, it’s all too much. Too cute.

Is it the fake stern look with this introduction to the Basic Editing Tutorial?

I’m gonna learn you how to learn.

Is it the arch look with this introduction to the Color Correction Tutorial?

I don’t need to correct nuthin’.
My color looks real good.

Dunno. But I’m done. After all, it’s not as if there aren’t options. Over here, for example, is The Sharper Turtle with no onscreen host/trainer, just a voice over. A voice attached to a middle-aged-or-older white guy, going by his picture on the YouTube channel. Now this, I expect, is aimed at my demographic.

No peeps. No love. No double entendres. Such a relief. Just show-and-tell the techniques. In fact, show-and-tell a few times. Nice. Clear.



Maybe I have no demographic. Maybe I’m a group of one. Dunno. But now I’m a peep one time and a turtle the next, swerving from too cutesy to too slow until I find another option.

And oh, yeah, lovin’ the love.


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  1. Take what you need, and leave the rest.

    But so much of our interest in other people is their Style — if they only knew.
    And most people’s are off-putting at best.

    Who said, “Hell is other people.” ?

    Oh to see ourselves as others see us …must I?

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