Great Blue Herons, Delray Beach FL

To have these magnificent birds so close was quite an opportunity: One I’d like to have again, maybe on a sunny day.

Pick, pick, pick . . .

Great blue heron in profileProfile shot of two great blue herons at the nest



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – Interesting, isn’t it, the different things we respond to. I’m a bit like the stereotypical art critic who can’t define art but knows it when they see it. I don’t know exactly what it is that catches my attention about a scene, or what features I like in photographs – but I know what I like!

  1. Oh, my! You realize, I hope, that you could have these enlarged, reproduced, tastefully framed, and sold to thousands of home decorators. They are magnificent. And if I were not so far behind in my work, I would rhapsodize.

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