Stained Glass, Conway SC

Well, OK, it’s not actually stained glass, but an otherwise unremarkable swamp-reflection photo had this little gem tucked in one corner.

I’m not sure quite how it happened: An area with densely interlocking branches overhead and just the merest hint of a breeze on what seemed like a flat-calm day? Dunno. But I’ll be watching for it again.

Swamp reflections imitating stained glass


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4 Responses to Stained Glass, Conway SC

  1. Mesmerizing, but also dizzying with optical tricks that change one’s point of view with every movement of the eyes. Along with your happenstance faces you might include this in a category of trompe-l’oeil photos evocative of that genre of painting.

  2. Marilyn Smith says:

    These just wow me, Isabel!

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