One Possible Relationship Between the Sun and Tomorrow

The sun’ll come out, tomorrow.

Oh yeah?  Maybe it will.  Maybe it won’t.

After all, it didn’t come out today.  Up, but not out, if you see what I mean from these sunrise shots.

View of horizon from underneath wooden pier

Surreal view of layers of blue - sand, water, sky - under wooden pier at dawn.


  1. Marilyn Smith

    I was going to say, the top photo suggests some giant sea creature emerging from the depths to crawl up on the beach and scare the living daylights…. The second photo, those giant nails sticking out of the support beams look a mite dangerous. Love the misty mystic reflections in each.

  2. Judith Umbach

    Absolutely beautiful! I love graphic photos. And I love scenic photos, and travel photos, and people pictures, and …. All photos – except fake posed non-posed ones, e.g., some ads.

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