Flowering Crabapple Trees, Lexington VA

As we drove through Virginia, the redbud trees were barely in evidence. Other harbingers of Spring were not so reticent.

Close-up of blossoms on flowering crab

Four crabapple trees in full bloom.


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4 Responses to Flowering Crabapple Trees, Lexington VA

  1. It’s the magnolias that I love — see any of those in bloom? One spring J&I went looking for spring about this time of year. We drove straight down to Savannah, GA before we saw them in bloom. After a few days we drove north until we saw them in new bloom, stayed…repeating the fully-loaded tree sighting all the way north.

    After a month we returned to Canada where the buds were still not out! Suspect it will be different now with Climate Change moving everything up 2 weeks. 😀

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – We did not see any magnolias in bloom, although we saw some tulip trees/bushes, which are very like the magnolia the squirrel deflowers, literally, in my backyard. Your chasing-Spring trip sounds wonderful.

  2. The redbud trees are among the first to bloom, as I recall. These flowering crabs are delicious!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – The crabs were some consolation for the absence of the redbud this year. I guess they’re usually mid-to-late April in those parts, so we were a bit early. And the early trees got bit by a late frost. I’m working now on a next-year plan. 🙂

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