Weak or Strong

Forget my childhood and perhaps childish focus on right and wrong. Today (as in, today) and today (as in, these days), it’s all about weak and strong.

I’ve already expressed my frustration with my memory when it comes to passwords, and with the totally totally unhuman standards that must be met to create a strong one.

And I’ve long since gotten used to sites providing zippy feedback on how good my proposed password is, gradually morphing from “weak” to “strong” as I tip-tap away. (Hope springs eternal that I will someday evoke a “wow.”)

Recently, however, I was surprised, offended, almost hurt by one site’s response. I mean, I hadn’t even started. Guys: Give me a chance here.

Screenshot of accoutn set-up page; empty password field showing as "weak."As hard as it is to be judged on my performance, how much harder to be judged pre-performance. If that were the norm in parenting, think of the probable effects on family cohesion. In supervision, think of the implications for employee morale.

Boss: You haven’t cleaned that kitchen properly.
Worker: I just got here. I haven’t even started!
Boss: That’s no excuse. It’s still a pitiful job.

No, we must take a stand now before this rush-to-judgement malaise spreads. As far-fetched as it seems, if we let this slide we might soon be unable to hold civil conversations on contentious topics. We might stop asking someone what they meant by something that sounds offensive, before we start attacking their character. We might forget that public figures are fallible human beings who occasionally need to be excused for saying or doing something silly.

And these would be weaknesses for which the fix would be much tougher than just adding an uppercase letter to a pathetic password.


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6 Responses to Weak or Strong

  1. barbara carlson says:

    The machines are getting stronger on our backs!

    As for pre-judging, I dreamt the other night I was going to write another book, admittedly judgmental. I planned to title it, “You’re doing it all wrongly!”

    As a good & picky editor, thought you would find this funny, Isabel.

  2. Alison says:

    I’ll share my password tips when I see you next!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Alison – Sure thing, although the best password in the world wouldn’t have helped me in this case.

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