And for Someone Who Likes to Rock

The Friendly Giant was a staple of my childhood, arriving on Canadian TV in 1958, or about the same time we got our first TV.

Looking at the Wiki entry showed me there was a lot about the show I didn’t know. That it started in Wisconsin and was coaxed to relocate to Canada. That it was ad libbed. That it was on the air until 1985, producing 3,000+ episodes.

Watching a clip of the lead-in to a show showed me that it wasn’t only my knowledge that was lacking. I didn’t remember that episodes were only 15 minutes. That the effects were so cheesy. (Have you seen that paper mache castle? Oh my goodness.) That the pace was soooo slow.

What I remember most clearly – although I couldn’t have quoted it accurately – was the welcome to the castle:

One little chair for one of you,
and a bigger chair for two more to curl up in,
and for someone who likes to rock, a rocking chair in the middle.

Followed, of course, by this:

Look up.
Look waaaay up.

Now what made me think of The Friendly Giant? Just this, seen in Conway, near where we were staying this winter.

5 rocking chairs overlooking a river

For someone who likes to rock, indeed. It might have been cheesy and slow, but it made a lasting yet gentle impression.


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6 Responses to And for Someone Who Likes to Rock

  1. Ralph Gibson says:

    I like the photo !

  2. barbara carlson says:

    A photo packed with human presence. 😀

  3. Jim Taylor says:

    “one two three o’clock, four o’clock, rock…. we’re gonna rock around the clock tonight…” I just can’t imagine Bill Haley in a rocking chair.
    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim T – Hahaha. It wasn’t until I looked at the title in the email that I realized the other use of “rock.”

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