Birdies, White Lake ON

Having recently returned from four weeks in Scotland and Iceland, I’m a bit preoccupied with overseas wonders.  It’s good to get a reminder that there are wonders closer to home: in this case, at White Lake, about 90 minutes NW of my house.

Today, the first of three alliterative posts: Birdies.  I’d include the hummingbirds here, if iI hadn’t just posted them.


Who knew that loons, like pelicans, can scratch that spot between their shoulder blades with the back of their head?

4 -photo collage of common loons in late-afternoon sunlight


This guy was like the Friendly Giant: Look up.  Look wa-a-a-y up!

2-photo collage of adult osprey in tree-top nestGreat Blue Heron

At some point, you’d think I’d have enough photos of great blue herons.  Yeah, you’d think so . . .

2-photo collage of great blue heron in late-afternoon light



  1. Every loon evokes for me F.R. Crawley’s film The Loon’s Necklace that all Canadian children should have the opportunity to see. I must have been among the first school children to view the film in a Toronto classroom around 1949 or 1950. The head-and-shoulders trick is not one I had noticed. Thank you for these.

    Thank you for all of them.

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