Break of Day, White Lake

As a non-poet, I find rhyme to be stupid hard; even alliteration is tricky. To keep this series aligned (birdies, butterflies, and something else with a B), the best I could do for these sunrise shots was to invoke “break of day.” If only all three of them had had boats . . .

3-photo collage of sunrise shots at White Lake ON

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10 Responses to Break of Day, White Lake

  1. Tom Watson says:

    You mean that “all the birdies, butterflies, bears, bobolinks, bald-headed men, even bishops, barged into the boat and began to bail before the boat bemired below its bow at break” of day?
    Is that what you are trying to say?

    Keep smilin’


  2. Tom Watson says:

    Providing those pesky poets are perfectly predictable and not periodically perfunctory.
    Maybe shouldn’t risk it.

  3. Lovely pictures, although you would have to be there to distinguish daybreak from sunset. There should be a poem in there . . . .

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