Drink tea?  Perpetually.  Reheat tea?  Naturally.

Check email?  Unfailingly.  Check Facebook?  Intermittently.

Plan meals?  Usually.  Go grocery shopping?  Frequently.  

Track my finances?  Monthly.  Report GST/HST?  Quarterly.

Check the weather?  Diffidently.  Check PGA scores?  Embarrassedly.

Tidy my desk?  Periodically.  Organize my closet?  Occasionally.

Eat the edibles?  Incessantly.  Pot the potables?  Exuberantly.

Take out the recyclables?  Publicly.  Shred the shred-ables?  Privately.

Plan travel?  Excitedly.  Book travel?  Anxiously.

Write a post?  Unfailingly.  Process photos?  Consistently.

Launch a knitting project?  Anticipatingly.  Weave in ends?  Resignedly.

Load the dishwasher?  Mindlessly.  Start laundry?  Cooperatively.

Sweep the floor?  Trudgingly.  Wash the floor?  Grudgingly.

Weed the garden?  Self-righteously.  Clean the toilets?  Last-ditchedly.

Brush my teeth?  Routinely.  Take a shower?  Hey!

Will you look at that?  Of all the possible postponements, there is actually something – just one thing, it looks like – that I won’t do before I’ll do my exercises.



      1. Jim Taylor

        Oh, I don’t agree. You had a pretty fair collection of “Tom Swifties” there.
        Jim T
        P.S. Didn’t you do a video of yourself doing pushups a few months ago? Here we were all waiting breathlessly (ahem) for the sequel.

        1. Isabel Gibson

          Jim – But that’s it – I’m out! As for the exercise updates, they’re every 6 months unless I have some amazing progress to report. (Ha!) So November it is.

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