Grand Reflections

Looking back over 2017’s photos, I found these taken in the Grand Tetons, in a lake famous for its reflections.  And rightly famous, I’d say.

The trick? After arranging for a blue-sky and windless day, get out before those pesky kayakers ruffle the water’s surface.

3-photo collage of reflections of Grand Tetons in String Lake

Mountain reflected in String lake


  1. Jim Taylor

    There is also a sense of joy in and awe being the first kayak to ruffle that pristine surface, like being the first person to walk out into untrodden snow, or perhaps like Alexander Mackenzie arriving at tidewater in Bella Coola — it’s almost a holy experience (although I have to admit it destroys the possibility of anyone coming along behind you having the same experience).

    Jim T

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim T – Hmm. I enjoy tracking onto a smooth stretch of water, but would prefer to leave it untracked behind me. Too much the photographer, perhaps.

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