They’re Ba-a-ack!

After weeks of silence, they arrive in waves, albeit on unrelated topics.

Get better sleep!
Get in celebrity shape with this . . . !

They offer me good deals . . .

Save HUGE on the best medications!
Get extra savings if you order today! Free shipping available . . .

They offer me general financial well-being . . .

Money Making is Not Hard! See the Proofs.
Get the highest guaranteed return on your retirement

They offer me precise wealth . . .

Redeem your $850.000.00 US

They offer me health . . .

Permanently eliminate the herpes virus from your body.
Hurry up and improve your health with this Cannabis oil!
Watch this FREE presentation if you use blood pressure meds
Cannabidiol oil ““ relieve anxiety, reduce blood sugar levels . . .
Eat THESE Foods to Cure Joint Pain (Check the Bakery Aisle)

They play innocent . . .

Is this email still active?

They play to my curiosity . . .

Dead simple tricks bring any battery back to life

They play on my insecurities . . .

Odd morning elixir to lose 11 pounds
1 glass of this will burn 3 pounds of belly flab tomorrow
Why some people look FAT that aren’t
1 activity that makes you look fat

They play on my legitimate fears . . .

attempt from new device was blocked

They offer me illegitimate documentation . . .

Your iCloud storage plan receipt

And they tease me with what I really need . . .

Boost your brain power in 14 days

Overall, I appreciate my internet service provider’s anti-spam filters, I really do. Indeed, sometimes I think the internet should come with a warning sign.

Sign warning of gators and snakesBut sometimes those filters seem just a little over-eager. I mean, what was that about something in the bakery aisle to cure joint pain?


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10 Responses to They’re Ba-a-ack!

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    And not just on the internet. I brought home a handful of mail from our superbox the other day, and said to Joan, “If it weren’t for people either expecting us to pay them or hoping we’ll pay them, no one would know we exist.”
    Jim T

  2. Tom Watson says:

    Psst…I have just developed a way to get rich quick. Sign up quick. The first 50 get a free toaster plus a jar of my Wrinkle cream.

    Just send 50 bucks to me and you’re in on the ground floor!

  3. Tom Watson says:

    No, no…these take away winkles…they don’t apply more!
    New and improved too!

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