Where He is Now

A few weeks ago I got some unexpected results when I Googled the phrase, “Where are they now?”

Soon I’ll have to expect the unexpected. It happened again today when I Googled,

man walks Trans Canada Trail

As I struggled to wake up this morning, I heard an interview with a guy who had just completed the second “to coast” portion of that “coast to coast to coast” trail that is one of our National Treasures. After misfortunes that included ravens shredding his tent, Tuktoyaktukians helped him complete the final leg, picking him up at dark, putting him up for the night, and then returning him to the Trail the next morning to continue his hike.

Marker for Mile Zero of Trans Canada Trail in Tuktoyaktuk

TransCanada Trail – Mile Zero marker in Tuktoyaktuk

It’s an amazing accomplishment, for sure. A singular accomplishment, you might think. But Google brought me pieces starting 5 years ago. Why hadn’t I heard about all these guys?

The unexpected thing? It’s all the same guy. It’s one guy, persevering through all the life that happened to him through the decade.

I think there’s a lesson we learn
about just following through
with what you said you’re going to do.



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8 Responses to Where He is Now

  1. Tom Watson says:

    I saw a blurb on TV last night about that man and his trip. I hadn’t realized that ravens could be so vicious that they would tear his tent to shreds. Shows you I don’t know much about ravens, I guess.


  2. With due appreciation for the Forest Gump aspect of this man’s travels — and for the less rigorous version pursued by Art Garfunkel in the US — the moral you draw from his achievement sounds like good advice.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – Whoops. Sorry for the confusion. That’s his moral, not mine. I’m thinking he had lots of time to consider it . . . 🙂

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