Butter Fingers, er, Faces

Stop it.

Not surprisingly, it’s the Big Guy, ruining the impact of this stern warning by first having laughed.

But once seen, there’s no unseeing.

Face chiselled out of butter stick
I left my heart on Easter Island . . .



  1. Maybe your heart is on Easter Island, Isabel, because you have the eagle eyes of a Cortes. In Keats’ poem “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer,” the explorer could inspire his crew to “wild surmise” by contemplating the Pacific Ocean. I will never again look at a chunk of butter dispassionately.

  2. You are batting 100 these days.
    Love them all.
    This butter (or is it cheese) is so greasy and compliments the ironic cheesy (ha!) “half-smile”. 😀
    And the lines horizontal and vertical are really make it work.
    And the colour of the square and the plate are SO subtle.

        1. Isabel Gibson

          Barbara – 🙂 Like the tai chi instructors who learn that some students can hear a general instruction and correct their position, others need to be told to their face (I’m talkin’ to you!), and still others need to be put into the right position (Here, stand like this.). Me, I figure most of us are all 3 kinds of people, in different areas.

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