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Fun shots of unexpected glimpses of faces inanimate objects: facial pareidolia.

Liberty Cap, Yellowstone National Park

I wasn’t crazy about this travertine formation, but the Big Guy said to get its picture, so I did.  Apparently the explorer decided it looked like hats worn by French peasants and named it Cap of Liberty.  I understand that the locals had a cruder name for it.

Liberty Cap formation at Mammoth Hot Springs.

But when I saw the photo at home – Hey!  Whaddya know? – a face, albeit a sleeping one, to my eye.  And so begins a new category of photographs for me – Photos of Phaces.  (OK, OK, Fotos of Faces.)  I’ve been waiting to start this since I saw a link on Facebook to a photographic collection of these.

Bottom half of Liberty Cap, showing a face in the rock

Gandalf snoozing?

It turns out it’s a condition – facial pareidolia – and the sign of a well-wired brain.  Of course, I expect you’re supposed to see it at the time . . .  But once you’ve seen it, it’s hard to unsee, isn’t it?


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