Ah, Rugelach – Redux

Good news from the rugelach wars: Winnipeg has a substantial Jewish population and at least one bakery that offers rugelach.

2-photo collage of rugelach cookiesNow, I don’t live in Winnipeg, but I pass through twice every year on family visits.  If you find yourself in Winnipeg and in need of rugelach, give the good folks at Gunn’s Bakery (Est’d. 1937) a call. If you get there early enough, you can even buy cinnamon buns sans raisins.


    1. Isabel Gibson

      Alison – Palm Springs? I’ll add them to the map. As for Edmonton, it’s likely a private source – someone’s mother-in-law. Maybe you could get a delivery to the next quilt show?

  1. They appear delicious and well worth the trip West. Also, it’s wonderful to know the violence in the heart of humanity has been reduced to bakery competitions and sports events. I may not qualify for the latter but I might try my skills with the former.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Laurna – The good ones are worth a trip pretty much anywhere. 🙂 I might even decide to try my hand at baking them. There are lots of “best” recipes online.

  2. Danielle Wawryk

    They are still calling my name from the counter so I moved them to the pantry! I did eat the apricot one which I would have thought you would have sampled. It was good but I preferred the raspberry.

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