Salt Spring Vistas – Part 2

A bakery atop a hill with a view of the ocean seemed like an obvious opportunity for the landscape shot: the far vista.

Maybe it was me, but those results were sort of meh.

But the nearer vista: the itty-bitty moths on the lupins?  Priceless.

3-photo collage of orange moths on purple lupins


  1. The eye of your camera reminds me of the eyes I had for seeing when I was young. The subjects you choose remind me of the leisure I had then to stare, notice, and contemplate. That you still do restores to me something of those days when the tabula rasa basked in the imprints of nature. The small marvels build meaning into the far vistas. They still do.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Laurna – An interesting notion – that the small, close-by marvels give meaning to the large, far-off ones. Maybe it’s the same with people. That huge incomprehensible mass of humanity is, after all, just one delightful person multiplied a tad.

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