Walterdale Bridge at Night

The construction is done. The old bridge is gonzo, and the pedestrian walkway curving along the side of the new roadbed is complete. The construction site is no more: landscaped grass and lombardy poplars (or something like them) have taken its place.

Edmonton’s most-recent snowfall is mostly melted and although it’s mid-November it feels like a Spring day.

So it’s an ideal time for trying some night shots of the Walterdale Bridge to complement my earlier photos (here and here). Now if only I could have fit my full-height tripod into my suitcase . . .

2-photo collage of Walterdale Bridge at night

Overlooking river valley and Edmonton downtown at night


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6 Responses to Walterdale Bridge at Night

  1. John Whitman says:

    Isabel – makes my old civil engineering brain cringe just thinking of all the three-dimensional tension and compression calculations that went into the design of that bridge, but do you suppose the lights change colour for Christmas?

  2. Jim Robertson says:

    Another example of subjects that often look better at night than daytime. Nice images Isabel

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim – Thanks! There was another nice one (a full side-on reflection of the lit bridge in the river ice) but I couldn’t get my driver to stop and let me out. Something about the traffic behind us on the High Level Bridge.

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