Who Are These People?

I find a lot of Christmas music sort of sappy. Not this song, although it has been sung in a way that I would call over-styled: too many breathy or warbling notes in one lyrical syllable. Maybe it’s just jealousy: I can’t hit any of those notes.

But this version is fun. Kick off Advent with a rockin’ version of “All I Want for Christmas” courtesy of James Corden and a gaggle of singers, some of whom I even recognized.

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6 Responses to Who Are These People?

  1. Tom Watson says:

    Well, there ya go!

  2. It’s amazing how this man of the eidetic memory for song lyrics enlists famous people to sing along with him. Kudos to the singers for joining the fun.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – He’s an amazing personality, I think. Of course, maybe it helps that he hosts a TV show interviewing . . . celebrities.

  3. Ian Hepher says:

    Yes, I saw Elton Sting, I think…but I’m not going all Gaga over it.

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