The Week That Was #2

This week I move beyond the political class to include the media in my awards.

Week’s Detailed-est Plan

“The plan is simple:
Every Canadian will have access
to a free and effective vaccine
once it’s ready.”
Seamus O’Regan, MP for Saint John’s South-Mont Pearl

Week’s Direct-est Statement

“If you don’t think that Covid is real right now you are an idiot.”
Brian Pallister, Premier of Manitoba
in a statement full of direct, um, statements
made in response to an earlier question from a reporter

Week’s Stupid-est Earlier Question

“Why do you like to be hated so much?”
– Unnamed reporter’s question of Brian Pallister


And the drumroll, please, for the winner in two categories . . .

Week’s Witty-est Commentary, Short Form
Week’s Sadd-est Commentary, Short Form

“A plan! For action! What could go wrong?”
Chris Selley, National Post columnist
on the Liberals moving to endorse UNDRIP,
which requires preparing and implementing an action plan
to achieve UNDRIP objectives —
a move made in the same week they acknowledged
missing 5-year clean-water targets for First Nations

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4 Responses to The Week That Was #2

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    Three cheers for Brian Pallister. He may lose the next election, but he didn’t pull his punches.

    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim – Indeed. Independent of the policy discussion, I appreciate his directness. We could use more of it.

  2. Perhaps the most wrenching award is the last. I encounter many Catch-22s in the news, especially from the standpoint of my knowledge of how hearing deficits influence behaviour and, therefore, social outcomes. As you imply, the best of proclaimed intentions is not a guarantee of achievement. However, not every apparent stalemate prevents ongoing effort towards an important goal. As COVID-19 is wrestled to the ground during the coming year, surely some of those sidelined goals will come nearer to fulfillment, too.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – Yes, and the Liberals have made progress on this file, as they say. As Selley says, it’s not nothing. It’s a good reminder that good intentions are necessary but not sufficient.

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