Hair-tie/Coaster Face

As always, I was minding my own business when something winked at me. This face was created by some hair ties angled on a coaster on my desk. Although there’s no smile, it does have a dimple. Or maybe a beauty mark.

Looking at it more closely, I realized that all the face elements had been there all the time: the App Store and Google Play logos making eyes; the circle as nose, the slot line as mouth. But it never triggered that recognition reaction until I inadvertently added the oval frame of the hair ties.

Accidental face created by hair-ties on coaster

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6 Responses to Hair-tie/Coaster Face

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    Neil Diamond sings: “Then I saw her face…..” I think you’ve just demonstrated what happens when we fall in love. There’s this face, this person, who’s been there all along, and then something happens that frames that face in a new way, and you see it for the first time….

    Jim T

  2. barbara carlson says:

    Face It!

    The title of the portrait show we did out at Debbie’s Framing near Greely in around 2006. Sixty people saw Walter/Bella — over 40 minutes — get “in face” as a drag queen. Then she and two other drag queens did a show.
    A little 5-year-old girl sat in front of Walter fascinated. When Walter turned into Bella, the little girl said, “You’re a girl now, for sure!”

    It was a day of transformative meeting of evangelical and LGBT — and changed lives.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – Delightful. I wonder whether that would hold true in other areas, too – that seeing the transition helps with acceptance.

      • barbara carlson says:

        In my youth there were Come As You Are parties when you’d get a phone call and however you were dressed, that’s how you went.

        Now I feel that way about a sudden need to go to Emergency — the hospital the final Come As you Are humiliation, if life-saving.

        • Isabel Gibson says:

          Barbara – A good point. Why our mothers told us to always wear clean and not too-worn underwear.

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