As Astounding

Just want to say your article is as astounding.

Blog spam. I’ve had this conversation with you before: Illegitimate businesses automate the posting of comments on blogs to entice readers to click on the links embedded therein. As a business and/or criminal strategy it is as astounding as, well, I don’t know. Just as astounding, I guess.

The carity in your post is simply excellent
and i could assume you are an expert on this subject.

The answer? An automated spam detector, of course. I don’t know what algorithm my spam detector uses to distinguish spam from all the legitimate commenters on the simply excellent carity of my writing, but the mind boggles at the sophistication required.

Well with your permission let me too grawb your
fesd to keep updated with forthcoming post.

Maybe it has something to do with homonym errors? Two funny, if that’s the case. Or could it be mizspelllings? Or simply gabrled words?

Thanks a million and pleaase continue the gratifying work.

Maybe it’s more subtle, identifying gratifying usages that are grammatically correct but not the language how she is used. Or maybe it goes even deeper than that, checking comment content to see if it makes sense, considering the purported sender.

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However it does what it does, I take my hat off to it and to its developers. Calculating a flight path to Mars is simple compared to reliably replicating heuristic decisions that humans make without any effort.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you automated spam detection, one of the marvels of the wired world. It is, indeed, as astounding.

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4 Responses to As Astounding

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    Would that humans were as perspicacitous. I’ve had three calls, trying to get in touch with someone I wrote a news piece about. Long preamble, then “If you could give me an email for him…”
    “I don’t have an email for him. I talk to him on the phone.”
    “Yes, I see. So if you could just give me an email for him…”
    “I can give you his business number. I won’t give you his personal number.”
    “Of course. Now, if you could just give me his email….”
    “Repeat after me: ‘I don’t have an email address for him’.”
    “Thank you. Please give me his email….”

    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim T – When these interactions happen in our home from time to time, one of us says, “Is my microphone on?” and shakes two fingers as if clearing a plugged input. Hard to do on the phone. Did you finally convince them to take the business phone number?

  2. barbara carlson says:

    In general, people only listen to hear when the other person has stopped talking so they can talk again. And it is getting worse. Starved of listeners, people are just keen to have a face to talk to, even if it’s masked.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – Sorry, were you saying something? Let me tell you about my weekend . . . 🙂

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