Pleasant to Me?

The matchless theme, is pleasant to me

It could be modern poetry. I don’t understand that either. And punctuation is often optional.

Or it could be an artifact of a slap-happy copy/paste exercise. Those are often impossible to decipher too, with sensible punctuation often collateral damage.

It could be, but it’s not. No, it’s my old friend Blog Spammer working with Phrase Auto-Generate.

We haven’t talked about slap-happy here, so I had to look it up to see if the hyphen was optional. It appears so.

slapӢhapӢpy (adjective, informal):
dazed or stupefied by, or as if by, a series of blows to the head

After a few weeks of head-down proposal work, and a few weeks more to come, slap(-)happy is how I feel.

dazed or stupefied by, or as if by, a series of blows to the head

In my case, happily, “as if by” not “by.” That’s all the happiness on offer right now: that there is no actual slappiness involved in this project.

But I’ve told the Big Guy that if he ever catches me saying “Yes” to a client again, he should slap me. I know it seems extreme, but I’d be happier. Honest.

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6 Responses to Pleasant to Me?

  1. Tom Watson says:

    I have a hook in my navel that makes it hard for me to say No.
    Are you suggesting you are blessed with that too?

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Tom – Yes, maybe. I *have* said No many times, but this was an old employer trying to regain a former contract. But I truly am too old for it anymore.

  2. Yet another perfect metaphor, Isabel, in this instance for the craziness on my patch. My sister comes famously and bravely through surgery only to learn she has a small, insidious, inoperable reservoir of c cells. Within the week, a night in Emergency proves my Love’s cough not to be COPD or hypercapnia but a heart condition. Treatable, at least, temporarily. We’re not sure if the new meds for D’s uncontrolled verbalizing will stem that noxious flood. More patience needed. Moments of inexplicable peace envelope me — the “happy” in your slap-happy. May you find such musical interludes in your ordeal.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – 🙂 Some good news, some not so good, some as yet unclear. I celebrate your sweetie’s treatable ailment, am sorry that your sister’s is not, and hope that D’s may prove to be. Maybe peace is always inexplicable. A sign of grace? Some would think so.

  3. John Whitman says:

    Isabel – myself being too old for that shit, I have no comment.

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