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Redux: Hooks & Roses

This week brings me two revisits of recent topics: dressing-room hooks, and flowers planted by someone else that I can enjoy.

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Category: Dressing Room Hooks

For anyone who has ever tried to keep a gaggle of items straight, this store is for you. Continue reading

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Foot / Shape

Today the foot. Tomorrow the world. Continue reading

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Free-range, low pulp, and added fluoride, please

Fresh or from concentrate? No pulp? Regular pulp? Extra pulp? Added calcium? Super-duper added calcium? Arggh. Continue reading

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Sharing Size

Stay alert. The marketeers are loose again. Continue reading

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A Great 2021

Says who? Continue reading

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Crisis du Jour

Voices in our heads: We all have some. Continue reading

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Let’s Start a Band! A Cooking Band!

“You so smart,” Cookie. Continue reading

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Back to Normal

What does post-COVID normal look like? Continue reading

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