Just Add Air


Ah, the sound of an Amazon parcel landing on the front step. My pillows!

If I weren’t the woman-of-the-world that I am, entirely au courant with vacuum packing of parcels to reduce shipping costs, I’d have been alarmed at the smallness of its dimensions and the largeness of its decibels. That thump was exceedingly unpillow-like.

As it was, though, I just selected a normal household object for relative scale, confidently cut into the outer layer corralling my two pillows, unfolded each just as if I unfolded flattened pillows every day . . .


and cut again, exposing each pillow to a rush of air.

Honestly, it’s enough harmless fun that it encourages me to try to think of vacuumable things to order so they can be shipped this way.

As vacuumed, on the left; as un-vacuumed, on the right.

We’ve added our own milk or water to concentrated soups and powdered hot chocolate for decades. Now we’re adding our own air to a whole new generation of products. What can possibly be next?


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6 Responses to Just Add Air

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    Our son Stephen was a backpacking fanatic. He knew all about dehydrated foods.So for his birthday, one year, we got him a package of dehydrated water. Just add water to this package, and presto…

  2. I’ve done pillows, which are great fun. I want to see a mattress do the same thing. So much easier than lugging a queen-sized spring mattress up to the second floor!

  3. Judith Umbach says:

    If my latest purchase is typical, pillows bought in store are squished too. Doesn’t seem to harm the re-inflated form. As Laurna says, much easier to handle.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Judith – Well, there you go. The last time I bought a pillow in a store it was Sleep Country, and they’re not into the squished format, at least not on the sales floor. But you really only need one reconstituted version of each pillow for people to test – after that the rest of them can be sans air. As well as being easier for us to manage, it must save them space.

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