The Turnip Tenet

If your turnip sprouts,
you’re too busy.

Sprouted rutabaga

I saw the tiny sprouts when they first appeared, and I ignored them.

Surely I’ll get around to it.

But no round tuit was forthcoming, and no one named Shirley knocked at the door, either. So, like Topsy, this turnip just grew after a few weeks of sitting on my kitchen counter, waiting in vain for me to turn it into mashed turnips.

It’s a first for me, and I hope not the first of many. As the Big Guy reminds me, with more emphasis than is entirely polite, I’m now in my 70th year and it’s time to Stop Working.

I guess that’s right. I guess, too, that it’s time to pass Topsy Turnip along to the municipal composters. Or maybe I’ll get around to planting it . . .

What do you think?


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12 Responses to The Turnip Tenet

  1. Marion says:

    Plant it. At the least, you’ll get some nice foliage.

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    Oh, plant it, plant it! Along with lemon seeds and avocado seeds and mango pits…

    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim T – :-). A friend’s husband was a mad planter of seeds that came into the house in something to eat, and had amazing luck (indoors) in Calgary. Their dining room was its own little jungle.

  3. Marilyn Smith says:

    I agree with Marion and Jim! Plant this beautiful round, aesthetically perfect natural shape that looks like some beautiful terra cotta bowl holding profusive green leaves, — perhaps in the forest beside you! Rabbits may thank you! I’d offer to take it, but my neighbour tells me I’m over-planted as it is. Marilyn

  4. It seems to have planted itself — on your kitchen counter. Could you put a pretty container under it and call it a culinary arrangement?

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – 🙂 I fear the next stage is the same as it is with sprouting potatoes – a nasty smell.

  5. Judith Umbach says:

    Plant it – excellent entertainment. I rescued from Canadian Tire an almost dead tomato plant burdened with a lot of cherry tomatoes – $5. It isn’t exactly growing, but it is still alive and all the tomatoes have either ripened or are ripening.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Judith – Tomatoes ripening in Calgary? Amazing. I seem to remember Mom having green tomatoes on newspapers under every bed when we lived in Calgary. Edmonton seemed to do better – altitude, I expect.

  6. barbara carlson says:

    I’d like see how big it will grow just eating itself.

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