Redux: Beady Little Eyes

No, I didn’t see another large spider. (Well, not yet. You’ll be the second to know, right after the person nearest me when I scream.) Reader John sent along this photo, and I thought it provided a nice finish (?) to the discussion.


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6 Responses to Redux: Beady Little Eyes

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    Someone had a sense of humour. In a crisis (see your previous post). There’s something indomitable about being able to find something to laugh at when your world has fallen apart around you. I watched a house, a home, slide down a bank and into one of those raging rivers, recently — a video taken by the owners. What do you do? Laugh? Cry? I probably can’t call this “black humour” any more, but at least it’s a healthy response.
    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim T – Or maybe it was a neighbourhood smart-aleck. Who knows? Not bring directly affected by the disaster is a great help as far as finding humour goes.

  2. Haahaahaahaahaa! Good laugh on a grey day. Thanks

  3. Awesomely wonderful. Or is it “The lengths some people will go to for a joke!”

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