And Repeat

I don’t know whether Kia’s design engineers intentionally included features that enhance its reflectivity. I do know that the Big Guy usually keeps the Kia clean enough to serve as a good reflector:

As we returned from a walk to the parking lot at Chapman Mills conservation area — seasonal home to red-winged blackbirds, dragonflies, New England asters, and fall colours, and year-round home to a lovely bridge — I caught this view before getting back into the car.

It makes me think I should forget the walking. Just drive the car around, stop, get out, check for reflections, and repeat.


Postscript: Here is Laurna’s photo, referenced in her comment.




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8 Responses to And Repeat

  1. Tom Watson says:

    I too have a KIA, but I hadn’t thought of trying to photograph the reflections. Although it’s likely that mine is not nearly as clean as yours.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Tom – I admit that the Kia would not be photo-clean if it were left up to me. Keep an eye out for reflections – especially on sunny days. You might be surprised.

  2. When I was catching some of the autumn glory around my sister’s house surrounded by woods, I was struck by the reflection in the side of our never-too-sparkling car. Inspired by you and using my cell-phone camera, I preserved a mite of that glory to my own satisfaction. I’ll email you the result.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Lovely (says me, who has the email). Sadly, I can’t attach a photo in the comments, either, but for other readers, it’s a photo of leaves scattered on the ground and reflected in the lower half of the car door.

  3. I think you have just inspired me to take a leaf out of the Big Guy’s workbook!

  4. Isabel Gibson says:


  5. barbara carlson says:

    Years ago I saw my chin reflected in one of new lap-top HD screens. I just lifted the lid and there was this big-pored moon shot my face between my lips — my chin. There is a point when HD becomes HiDeously defined.
    But your photos are the right-side of HD. Just lovely.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – LOL. I remember seeing Chrissy Evert on an HD screen – after she had finished her playing career and was watching Greg Norman in a tournament where he was unexpectedly in contention. The unbeknownst-to-her close-up showed post-menopausal fuzz on her face. It wasn’t hideous, but I don’t suppose that’s the image she was hoping to project. Glad you like the photos.

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