Knitting-and-Kitchen-Tools Face

This week’s entry shows the power of two circles to evoke eyes, even when they’re not perfectly aligned and are seen on an angle.

Here’s what winked at me as I came carefully down the basement stairs.


The handle for the top cutting board stands in for the mouth; the little pink stitch marker makes a nose. The bit of yarn is a distraction. Who left it there, anyway? As for the curlicue on the right/left (ours/its) side? A monocle, maybe. Or a fascinator.

If you’re wondering why knitting tools and plastic cutting boards were together at all, it’s because the pool table reaches its highest and best use as a staging surface for things on their way upstairs.


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6 Responses to Knitting-and-Kitchen-Tools Face

  1. Tom Watson says:

    Quite creative.

  2. barbara carlson says:

    Perfect little nose.
    These house elves area all around us, all the time, in plain sight… or not — for the people who only use their eyes to keep from bumping into things.

  3. What strikes me most happily about this post is not the image but the phrase “staging surface for things on their way …” as I realize most available surfaces in my house become “staging surfaces.” My work of tidying reduces the number of such surfaces. But not the concept that I will complete the final tossing, storing, processing, etc. for other people’s “staging.” Thank you for the eye-opener, or button-eye wink. I foresee many teaching moments ahead.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – LOL. You may need a “Maid Off Duty” sign. Or a decal would work, I guess, since it’s horizontal surface. My father figured that games involving horizontal surfaces (ping-pong, in his case) very soon became storage space. Shallow, but wide . . .

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