The Second Day of Christmas

In 2012, soon after I started this blog, I did a 12-days-of-Christmas series.

Here’s the second of that series.

The gift of doubt

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4 Responses to The Second Day of Christmas

  1. Tom Watson says:

    Doubt is the growing edge of faith, or truth. It means you’re taking the time to examine things.

  2. What an interesting and important corrective to the blind faith and ignorance that passes for open-mindedness! I do think that one must have been loved to be able to love. Babies die or sicken when they are deprived of basic, loving care. However, some experiences cannot be had until one takes that leap of faith into the unknown. One must have a degree of hope to run any experiment, including those in the spiritual realm. The doubt may remain while the experiment is running. The purpose of the experiment is to test those doubts, possibly eliminating them.

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