The Third Day of Christmas

And so on: all in all, the gift of Christmas Past.

The Gift of Familiarity

The Gift of Surprise

The Gift of Humility

The Gift of Motivation

The Gift of Realism

The Gift of Ambition

The Gift of Perspective

The Gift of Juxtaposition

The Gift of Clear Thinking

The Gift of Wonder


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6 Responses to The Third Day of Christmas

  1. So much to ponder and to be grateful for! Thank you for leading me along each of these paths and for the community of responders who add further insight to the times in life that can be transformed from boredom, weariness, confusion, and frustration into wonder and productive interaction. Well done!

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    Two reactions to your blog posts:
    1. I like to get at them immediately. There’s always something, in either the text or the photos, to stimulatory imagination and/or give me something new to think about.
    2. I like to wait and read them several days later, when the other responses have come in. Sometimes I want to add my own response; just as often, I’m delighted at the range and insight of the responses already there.
    When I leap to the keyboard at step 1, I often fail to go back later in the week to see what others have said. When I eventually slither up to the keyboard in step 2, I often don’t have anything further to add.

    Jim T

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