30W USB-C Charger Face

Who is this guy with the goofy grin?

He’s the cheery fellow who greeted me when I ripped the 30W USB-C charger out of his toothless mouth. Now this is a guy who’s happy in his work. At least he was happier than I was at that point, since the acquisition of this said 30W USB-C charger had required a second trip that day through snowy streets and weekend-before-Christmas traffic, since the 30W USB-USB charger I had for another brand of phone might work but only badly (even possibly dangerously, if I believed the online warnings).

The first trip had seen me acquire a new phone: the first one in a {few years + Covid timeout}. Who could say how long it’s actually been? I would have said about three years and, like, certainly not five. (Am I certain? No. But if feels right.) (OK, right-ish.)

And who could have said that cell phones no longer come bundled with wall chargers, as they all did in the remote past, defined in Tech-Geek World as {a few years ago never even mind the Covid timeout}? Ah, that could have been the sales guy: “could have been” indicating that he did not say so on my first visit, but does say so on my second in response to a slightly aggrieved observation on my part.

There was no wall charger in the box.

Indeed, both he and the now unaccountably quiet guy taking my payment for the (astoundingly!) unbundled 30W USB-C charger are looking surprised and just a little amused.

(They don’t quite snort, but there is a hint of a smirk.)
No phones have come with wall chargers for . . . what . . .
(They confer wordlessly and yet somehow reach agreement.)
. . . two years?

As long as two years? Good heavens. What was I thinking?

Here’s a couple of pro tips for teenagers and 20-something people selling technical anythings to 70-somethings: Assume they have just landed on your planet and know nothing. And remember that they haven’t spent the last two years doing your job.

And here’s a pro tip for 70-somethings buying technical anythings from a fresh-faced teenager or 20-something. (And aren’t they all? I think there’s a mandatory retirement age of 25 in this line of work.)  List *all* the functionality you require–Don’t forget blindingly-obvious-to-you-why-wouldn’t-it-go-unsaid stuff like the ability to, like, recharge the dagnabbed thing--and go through each point slowly before you leave the store.

Maybe twice.

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4 Responses to 30W USB-C Charger Face

  1. John Whitman says:

    Isabel – I hate to tell you this, but my current cell phone is just over a year old and it did come with a charger and the cord required to connect it to a computer USB port should I wish to transfer data or pictures from one to the other. Maybe it depends on the brand of cell phone you are loyal to, as to whether or not a charger is included.
    Nonetheless, your observations withe respect to dealing with techie sales people below 30 are spot on.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      John – What!?! Your charger was included? That’s outrageous. And interesting. Apparently it does depend on brand. “My” sales guy’s reaction may have had more to do with self-protection than strict accuracy.

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    Sharon gave me an Apple watch for Christmas — mostly because it has one of those safety features that will let her know if I’ve fallen in the bathtub or down the stairs. But my iPhone is too old to pair with the new watch. Argh! I’m going to have to deal with pre-teen sales staff!!!!!!

    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim T – 🙂 Remember to ask about the wall charger and the cord . . . After that sage advice, you’re on your own.

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