See That?

Sometimes, there’s no rhyme or reason to the images I like: no pattern to play with, no story to tell. Sometimes, there’s just some fun. (Well, for me at least.) This is one of those times.

Blue shadow feet! Oh. No, that’s me that’s blue, not the shadow.

Look up (left). Look waaay up (right).

Reflections, like chocolate, are never wrong. Never.

Even an interstate rest stop can be beautiful.

Sunset Seen Through the Back Side-window of a Car Driving Through a Light-industrial Area (Titles are de rigeur on modern art, no? Also thinking of going with A Power Line Runs Through It.)

Aaah. The first entry for my to-do (i.e. to-play-with-again) list for next year.


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6 Responses to See That?

  1. Mary Gibson says:

    Lovely photos. The blue feet had me fooled. But only for a minute…..

  2. Barbara Carlson says:

    What a lovely collection. πŸ˜€

    As for your comment, “Sometimes, there’s no rhyme or reason to the images I like,” in the trade it’s called Art for Art’s Sake, or, Fun — Einstein said the best work is done when the mind is playing.

  3. I had to struggle to figure out which part of the image was the shadow, which doesn’t make sense now that I “get it.” The composition of the picture made one part of my brain “insist” the central figure had to be the real person. I had trouble talking myself out of that false assumption even after I read the caption and had the blue feet to anchor me.

    I have read (in a psychology text) that workers in policing and the law no longer accept eye-witness reports as necessarily meaningful because “first impressions” have the “ring of truth” to casual observers who are not actually experienced data-collectors for accident and crime scenes. What they first conceive their impressions to mean becomes their truth, regardless of other facts.

    The dogwood evokes pangs of nostalgia from the years we spent in Arkansas. How welcome those oddly green blossoms and the delicate redbud as the first harbingers of abundant life after long months of bare, silvery grey woods in the Ozark Mountains.

    The golf course sunset gem counts as a hole-in-one. Tee Hee.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – πŸ™‚ Yes, perception is an odd duck (What? Was there a duck somewhere?) and I know what you mean about that later wondering about why I was confused in the first place. Maybe that “centrality” assumption explains/excuses my excitement at seeing colour in a shadow. (The laws of optics just changed!) D’oh. Maybe not. I find it odd (even without the duck) going from full-on Spring colours and summer temps to the gray of Ottawa in its early Spring. This year we have summer-like temps, but no real colour yet, except for Barbara’s warm brown… :-).

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