Rocky Mountain High

I’m not sure what part of Colorado John Denver had in mind, although I expect it was, well, a more mountainous part than I’m in. But the clear, crisp air and the blue blue sky made a short walk pretty spectacular even in this populated part.

Fall aster, I think – still blooming under the imminent threat of snow.

Scrubby oaks, en route to brown

A pine tree with exposed roots, hanging onto the hillside for dear life

Seedpod from . . . what? A thistle?

A perch for a red-tailed hawk, now departed

Not a red maple, but nice in the afternoon sun

Feathered seedpods from another unknown plant

And with no walking required at all, a graceful ending to the day.


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8 Responses to Rocky Mountain High

  1. barbara carlson says:

    This post opened for me on Google Chrome, not my preferred Apple Safari.
    Looks dry, but then winter is coming.

  2. barbara carlson says:

    Oh. The opened on Safari — just took much longer. 😀
    Lovely colouring this time of year in Colorado.

  3. Always interesting to see what finds there are in other parts of the continent. Nice selection.

  4. The first seed pod looks like teasel, which I have just now learned is useful for something more important than dried floral arrangements. Your nuanced appreciation of a less dramatic environment than many you capture brings a lovely peace into the mindscape.

  5. Tom Watson says:

    Beautiful pictures.

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