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Another Person’s Treasure

An exercise in recycling; a lesson in tolerance. Continue reading

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Stick. String. Nerve. Not.

As a communicator, my default assumption is that a situation gone bad — whether at home or work — is all about the medium selected, the words chosen, the tone used. But the failure here was not one of communication, but of nerve. Continue reading

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Life is a Purse

Sitting in an airport holding pen, I look up, disoriented. Have I missed my flight? As panic rises, the thinking part of my brain rouses. Reluctantly. Sluggishly. Continue reading

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One Key at a Time

I drop my mystery key back into the catch-all. It could be a sombre warning of all the things I hang onto without reason: the old junk stuffed into basement boxes, the outdated attitudes tucked away on my mind’s shelves. Continue reading

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