Bartolome Island, Galapagos

This is what you see if you climb 400 or so steps in the blazing heat and humidity.  So worth it.

There is no better way to kick off this new category–Through My Eyes–than with this view that is one of the most recognizable in the Galapagos Islands, an amazing destination on their own.


View from Bartolome lookout; photo taken by Isabel Gibson

Bartolome Vista



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12 Responses to Bartolome Island, Galapagos

  1. Jim Taylor

    Yes, Joan and I were there too, about 20 years ago. I kept thinking, I want a cabin/cottage here!


    • Isabel Gibson

      Jim T – Yes, but the trip there and back is a killer. Not exactly weekend-cottage country!

  2. Jim Robertson

    Great idea Isabel. Looking forward to the upcoming images.

    We sailed by but didn’t make the climb.

    • Isabel Gibson

      Jim R – We decided to do the climb after I remembered that seeing the view was one of the reasons I’d selected that itinerary!

  3. Dave M

    That’s a great idea! Curious to see more of your favourite images. Will you be accepting photos in reply?

    Had the chance to visit Las Islas Encantadas many, many years ago and hope to return.

    • Isabel Gibson

      Dave – Hey, I have enough trouble managing the mechanics of posting from my emd – you’re on your own!

  4. It’s all about perspective. I hope my 400 steps in other sorts of directions give some people that breath-taking, God’s eye-view of our amazing world. Thanks for making the climb, Isabel, for all of us.

    • Isabel Gibson

      Laurna – It was breath-taking in more than one way! I like that notion of other ways of getting a view – as you’ll see when I finally get the site totally (totally) reconfigured, the everyday wonders are worth celebrating. Heck, just worth noticing.

  5. Noticing. That is what you accomplish in your writing, Isabel, that pulls me out of my ordinary crisis-level mentality into a greater calm and reflection. Lost vocabularies shiver in anticipation of new use. For a wonder, I happen to be alone in the house, surrounded by the variegate greens of lawns, fields, and woods ribboned with a rainbow of birdsong. A more-than-Edwardian peace prevails, since the “servants” are appliances and won’t be bobbing into my workplace offering to refill my teacup. The stirring of the top-most boughs of the maples on my horizon reminds me that forces greater than I can comprehend move at some Will into which my prayers are gathered to accomplish changes that dwarf the fears that spun those petitions. My priorities kaleidoscope into a simpler rearrangement where little things are noticeable and do count after all, even, perhaps, for everything .

    • Isabel Gibson

      Laurna – There now, you see, this is why you’re the poet (and I’m not!). Thanks for your word picture.

  6. Incredible view, great capture. So, how many ‘steps’ does a FitBit register when you climb 400 steps?

    • Isabel Gibson

      Carla – Yes, and thanks! Not sure re the Fitbit – but I bet twice that. With no allowance for the arduous conditions, darn it . . .