The Truth About the “Making Up New Words” Contest

Boration, n., uninteresting and usually lengthy speechifying; also borator, for one so engaged

Borate, vt., the act of boring someone through uninteresting and lengthy speechifying; as in, “I don’t know what Joe was thinking. He borated the entire conference. They’ll never ask him back now!”

Visual definition follows:

Koala lying in crook of tree and staring into space

Seriously borated koala

Finally, this year I’m ready for the Washington Post’s contest. You know the one. You get the contest results in your email, oh, every year or so: new words created by clever contestants by adding, deleting, or changing one letter in an existing word.

Well, not new words, exactly – the same list just recirculates, year after year. Boo.

If you, like me, are distressed by this news, there are two options for you to consider:

  • Submit the word you’ve been crafting (don’t be taking “boration” – that’s mine) to the WPM Invitational here. This site is run by some folks who thought that if this contest didn’t actually exist on an ongoing basis, then it should.
  • Enter the Washington Post’s weekly contest, with new challenges every, well, week.

And if, on a Friday afternoon, you really need something significant to consider beyond, you know, the first weekend of summer, then again, you have two options:

  • Reflect on the larger meaning of the WPM Invitational site – as Gandhi said . . .

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

  • ¬†Reflect on why my subconscious might have offered up “boration” just a few months before the debates in the federal elections, but take heart from what Sir Walter Scott said . . .

“But it’s an ill wind blaws naebody gude.” Rob Roy


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4 Responses to The Truth About the “Making Up New Words” Contest

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    Oh. I thought that quotation from Rob Roy referred to the oboe, an ill wind that nobody blows good.


  2. Vince says:

    “W” beat me to every word I ever wanted to invent…

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