A Note to Subscribers: Changes to the Blog

This week, I’ve started to restructure my blog to accommodate new interests that I expect will carry through at least the first few years of my soon-but-not-quite-yet retirement:

  • More photography
  • New writing topics
  • More sets of blogs with themes

I have more work to do, but here are the visible results so far:

  • A new static front page, that explains what I’m doing and that invites new readers to join me/us
  • A streamlined page structure
  • An expanded categories structure
  • A new way to search posts by theme
  • Posts on Sunday still, but not just on Sundays

To keep from cluttering your inbox, I’ve elected to use a “weekly digest” notification rather than a “per post” notification. Each Sunday, subscribers will still get an email, but it will link to all the posts that I’ve made that week, not just to Sunday’s essay.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Me form.

And feel free to drop by through the week if you like. I’ll be here!

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