Helicopter, Esquimalt BC

Moderation in all things, even (or maybe especially) in post processing.

I appreciate being able to correct a slight tilt.

I enjoy playing around with colour a little bit.

But mostly, when the file size allows it, I love being able to crop a photo to focus on something I couldn’t or didn’t get close enough to in person, filling the frame or removing distractions.

But sometimes, I get a photo that I don’t want to process in any way. That I want to leave exactly as is, to remember the experience.

Last week, our day sail on the HMCS Calgary out of CFB Esquimalt included a helicopter demonstration. Standing on the forward deck, we saw it in the distance, and then its flight pattern lined up with the ship, hiding it from view on its final approach. But you’d think you’d hear it, right? Helicopters make a lot of noise: whuppa whuppa.

But when the helicopter practically exploded from behind us with no warning, flying just above water level and right alongside the ship, it seemed almost close enough to touch. As it veered up and away, I snapped off a shot with no zoom. Now why would I want to crop that?

Natural close-up of airborne military helicopter from deck of Canadian frigate.

No zoom, no crop


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6 Responses to Helicopter, Esquimalt BC

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Nice shot and neat experience Isabel.

    I see crew members sit in the open doorway on the west coast too. When we were in Halifax a few years ago, the helicopters were doing training (?) flights over the harbour. There was at least one person admiring the view sitting on the “doorstep”, including one copter with a boy who looked to be about 10 or so hanging out with his Dad(?).

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim – Thanks! It was an amazing experience. The guys in the doorway were getting ready to jump out, to then be “rescued” by a fourth, winched down on a cable. Impressive.

  2. Neighbour Dave says:

    Very nice capture Isabel! A lovely shot of a grand old lady.

    We had some lovely old birds around here lately commemorating the Battle of Britain 75th anniversary. You night be interested to see some of these shots too:

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Dave – I should know the name of this helo but forgot! But it was a great demonstration. Thanks for the link.

  3. Those things are LOUD! They came over The Highlands last week — out of the blue — I thought it was a military takeover — in the first of five waves of vintage aircraft flying wing to wing, in what seemed like only inches above the building. My skin wanted to leave my body!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – I’m glad your skin stayed where it was. As for noise – yes! Exactly! So how did it sneak up on us, because sneak it surely did.

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