Week 2 of the Campaign

Learned this Week

So what did I learn about the Senate this week? Thanks to a FAQ sheet produced by the Parliament of Canada (junior version [FAQ sheet, I mean, pretty sure there’s not a junior version of Parliament but I’ll get back to you on that] – I figured I should start on the easy stuff), I learned about the qualifications to be a Senator:

  • Citizenship – Canadian (OK, I’m good to go here)
  • Age – At least 30 (OK, doubly good to go here)
  • Economic status – Property owner (Well, half good here, I guess, since I share some property with the Big Guy, but the double on age balances this out, I expect)
  • Residency – In province represented (OK, this raises the point that I don’t know which provinces have vacancies right now – more research needed!)

Not a word about expense claims or the ability to follow long sentences. Go figure.

I also learned that some Canadians have a negative view of the Senate, seeing it as a source of cushy jobs and reports no one reads and not much else. Who knew?

Status Update

Great news! This week saw my Facebook page more than doubling its Likes, to 42 as of this AM.

Other activity:

  • Achieving my campaign’s first extra-provincial exposure, coincident with my trip to Vancouver to see my mother
  • Setting up my campaign Google+ page
  • Mailing buttons to USA and various Ontario locations
  • Signing up my first 4 walk-a-block walkers
  • Shooting my first video and publishing it on YouTube
  • Making a note on learning how to smile long enough for the camera to get a cheerier thumbnail – my goodness, so much to learn! (PS Post posting, as it were, I figured out how to do a custom thumbnail for my videos, bringing all the advantages of not having to use a photo of myself caught mid-expression. And through the connectedness of all things internettish, the link below automatically updated itself.)




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6 Responses to Week 2 of the Campaign

  1. Jim Powers says:

    Isabel for President! Oh, wrong country.

  2. Tom Watson says:

    You can stroke the Residency requirement from the qualifications list. Did we not learn from Senator Duffy that it’s hard to know for sure which province one actually lives in anyway? I suppose, though, that if those forms weren’t so darn complicated…

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Tom – I think it’s actually tough to meet a standard plain-language residency requirement (of the sort that provinces apply to determine eligibility for health care, for example) and also attend a decent number of Senate sittings. Great plan, eh? But straightening out unclear forms/text is my life – Put me in, Coach!

  3. Sid says:

    Great presence in the video.
    Go Isabel.


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