Bridge, Panama

Introducing another collection: Bridges!

Living most of my life on the Canadian Prairies, in cities straddling rivers, I found bridges mostly a hazard to car navigation. Bottlenecks. Choke points. Pretty? Yeah I guess so, but a nuisance, you know?

Travelling near the ocean – various oceans – has given me a new appreciation for these engineering marvels, too often viewed only as we zoom by on the Interstate. Bridges that span big water. Bridges that soar above seagoing vessels.

The usual photographic challenge? Finding a place to stand! A place far enough back that you can see the thing in situ, in its context. Or a place close enough that you can see its features in detail. Or a place different enough that you can see it from an interesting perspective. And always, a place without distracting elements in the field of view.

But hey, sometimes it works out well enough, as in these recent photos of the Bridge of the Americas, soaring over the mouth of the Panama Canal.

Bridge over Panama Canal in background; flowering tree in foreground.

Bridge of the Americas, Panama Canal


Close-up of one pylon of Bridge of the Americas

Bridge of the Americas, Panama Canal

As I look back through my posts, I find evidence of the photograph-collecting impulse applied to bridges in other places, from Astoria to Sydney.

For anyone interested, here’s the link to more on this bridge: Bridge of the Americas


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4 Responses to Bridge, Panama

  1. John Whitman says:

    Isabel – Is it too late for you to consider studying to become a civil engineer?
    Designing bridges and building them is interesting work, says the voice of experience.
    John W, P.Eng.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      John – I’m sure it’s not only too late, but also too unwise. My poor visualization skills would sink me, and perhaps others with me. A most unhappy thought. I am content to appreciate bridges.

  2. Jim Robertson says:

    Perhaps following John’s suggestion, you could be an (the) official bridge photographer.

    You did a great job of finding vantage points for the Bridge of the Americas and the Centennial Bridge. (And I doubt if you had a lot of chance to go in search of THE best spot)

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim R – I did think I might like to make a book about bridges – not sure I still do think that, but it might be fun! The Canal transit gave us some good vantage points – a good lesson, too, in where they are. (Hint: Not usually on land.)

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